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Hey, I’m Nikki!

 Let me start by genuinely thanking you for stopping by my site. Your interest in my photography means so much to me. I love connecting with my clients, and hope you can feel that connection in my imagery.


My roots are planted in Southern California, but my passion for travel keeps me adventuring and story telling along the way. The ability to explore and fall in love with new surroundings, gets my heart heaping with excitement. Im a lover of all things outdoors, and find  myself wildly at peace surrounded by nature. My passion for life and photography help me tell your unique love story. Im a lover of the little details that make your day unique...whether that's wearing your grandmothers ring as we climb to the highest peak, or the fact that you ditched the shoes and chose to say your vows barefoot because your that free spirited!

I live for adventure and those moments with loved ones you wish you could savor forever. That's actually what inspired me to start capturing memories professionally. I love, LOVE, and anything that cultivates it.

I live for the moments you look back on, and "remember when". I want to experience the raw emotion of your big day with you. The romance, passion, happiness, and joy! 

I believe in knowing my clients personally, and fully understanding their journey and story together, in order to fully capture their big day in a way thats unique to them. My shooting style is energetic and fun, and I definitely have no problem blurting out the most random things to get you to smile and enjoy your time. As your photographer, I promise to be there in any way you need me, throughout the planning process, and on your big day. If you're looking for a somewhat awkward photographer (aka 3rd wheel) thats really just in it for the champagne (totally joking...kinda haha), Then i'm your girl :)


© 2020 by Nikki Rivera Photography

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